导师代码: 12052
导师姓名: Pedro Antonio Valdes-Sosa
性    别:
特    称:
职    称: 教授
学    位: 哲学博士学位
属    性: 专职
电子邮件: pedro@uestc.edu.cn

学术经历:   2011: D.Sc. Doctor in Science (Cuban higher degree after Ph.D.) 2008-present: Senior Professor of the Havana Higher Institute of Medicine. 1983: 2nd Degree Specialist, Ministry of Public Health 1980-present: Senior Researcher 1979-1980: Postdoc training on Neurometrics and Computational Techniques with Prof. E. Roy John at the Brain Research Lab of New York University USA 1978-1979: Postdoc training on “Biophysical Modeling of brain electrical activity” with E. Roy John at the Brain Research Lab of New York University USA 1974: Ph.D. at the National Center for Scientific Research of Cuba with the thesis: “Stochastic Properties of Event Related Potentials” 1974: Medical Specialist 1st Degree Physiology, the higher degree (1980). 1971-1973: B.Sc. Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Havana. 1966-1971: M.D. Faculty of Medicine at the University of Havana

个人简介:   Prof. Pedro Valdes received his medical PhD degree from Havana University in 1971; three years later in 1974, he got his philosophical PhD degree from Cuban Neuroscience Center; in 2011 Cuban National Science Degree Council granted him Doctor in Science as a Lifetime Achievement Award (one out of every 300 PhD.) for his pioneering contribution to Quantitative electrophysiology. Prof. Pedro has long been dedicated to the research in EEG and fMRI both in theory as well as methodology. He’s contribution, such as the inverse solutions of LORETA and VARETA, have been recognized worldwide and he continues to make major advances in the field of multi-modal date integration with EEG, MEG, MRI and fMRI. His papers (more than 180 with H index of 42) have appeared in all of the major electrophysiological and neuroimaging journals. Besides, he is on the advisory board of numerous prestigious institutions around the world. He is an active council member within the Organization for Human Brian Mapping (OHBM) and he was and elected member of the Program Committee (2012-2014). He presided the XX Conference of the OHBM in Hamburg as Program Chair, with more than 4,000 delegates. Now he is a full-employed professor in University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.

科研项目:   2012- 2016: National Program “Neurotechnology” Ministry of Science and Technology of Cuba.D?rector 2012-2016:“Talent Introducing Base for Neuroinformation“ Project 111 China government Head of overseas team 2014:Installation of the 3Tesla equ?pment donated by Maastricht Un?vers?ty MacKenz?e-Pap?neau Memor?al Fund of Canada Pr?nc?pal Invest?gator 2014: “Increasing Diagnostic Accuracy and Monitoring Treatment Efficacy in Brain Research to Protect Neurodevelopment in Children“ The Atlantic Charitable Trust Principal Investigator

研究成果:   1. Ren P., Yao S., Li J., VALDE?S-SOSA P.A., Kendrick K.M. Improved Prediction of Preterm Delivery Using Empirical Mode Decomposition Analysis of Uterine Electromyography Signals. Plos One 2015; 10(7):DOI: e0132116 10.1371/jo urnal.pone. 0132116 2. Esin Karahan, Pedro A, Rojas-Lopez, Maria L. Bringas-Vega, Pedro A. Valdes-Hernandez, Pedro A. Valdes-Sosa. Tensor Analysis and Fusion of Multimodal Brain Images. Proceedings of the IEEE 08/2015; 103(9):1531-1559. DOI:10.1109/JPROC.2015.2455028 3. Peng Ren, Weihua Zhao, Zhiying Zhao, Maria L. Bringas, Pedro A. Valdes-Sosa and Keith M. Kendrick. Analysis of Gait Rhythm Fluctuations for Neurodegenerative Diseases by Phase Synchronization and Conditional Entropy," IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering (In Press). DOI: 10.1109/TNSRE.2015.2477325 4. Xu Lei, TaoyuWu, PedroA.Valdes-Sosa. “Incorporating priors for EEG source imaging and connectivity analysis”. Frontiers in Neuroscience. Volume 9 Article 284. doi: 10.3389/fnins.2015.00284 5. Li Dong,Yangsong Zhang,Rui Zhang,Xingxing Zhang,Diankun Gong,Pedro A Valdes-Sosa,Peng Xu,Cheng Luo,Dezhong Yao, Characterising nonlinear relationships in functional imaging data using eigenspace maximal information Canonical Correlation Analysis (emiCCA). NeuroImage 01/2015; 109. DOI:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2015.01.006 6. Peng Xu,Xiuchun Xiong, Qing Xue, Peiyang Li, Rui Zhang, Zhenyu Wang,Pedro A Valdes-Sosa, Yuping Wang, Dezhong Yao. Differentiating Between Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures and Epilepsy Based on Common Spatial Pattern of Weighted EEG Resting Networks IEEE Transactions on Bio-medical Engineering 06/2014; 61(6):1747-55. DOI:10.1109/TBME.2014.2305159 7. Li Dong, Diankun Gong, Pedro A Valdes-Sosa, Yang Xia ,Cheng Luo, Peng Xu, Dezhong Yao. Simultaneous EEG-fMRI: Trial Level Spatio-Temporal Fusion for Hierarchically Reliable Information Discovery. NeuroImage 05/2014; 99. DOI:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2014.05.029 8. Mingming Chen, Daqing Guo, Tiebin Wang, Wei Jing, Yang Xia, Peng Xu, Cheng Luo,Pedro A Valdes-Sosa, Dezhong Yao. Bidirectional Control of Absence Seizures by the Basal Ganglia: A Computational Evidence. PLoS Computational Biology 03/2014; 10(3):e1003495. DOI:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1003495 9. Gallagher, Anne, Renée Béland, Phetsamone Vannasing, Maria Luisa Bringas, Pedro Valdes Sosa, Nelson J. Trujillo-Barreto, John Connolly, and Maryse Lassonde. "Dissociation of the N400 component between linguistic and non-linguistic processing: A source analysis study." World Journal of Neuroscience 4: 25. (2014). 10. Sánchez-Catasús CA, Cabrera-Gomez J, Almaguer Melián W, Giroud Benítez JL, Rodríguez Rojas R, Jorge Bosch Bayard, Lídice Galán, Reinaldo Galvizu Sánchez, Nancy Pavón Fuentes, Pedro Valdes-Sosa. Brain Tissue Volumes and Perfusion Change with the Number of Optic Neuritis Attacks in Relapsing Neuromyelitis Optica: A Voxel-Based Correlation Study. 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